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Detailed steps to connect an Android device to PCT Wireless Network.
Apple iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads can connect to the Wildcats wireless network by simply entering your network username and password when joining the network.
Instructions on connecting wifi devices like xBox, PS4 and Nintendo to the PCT-IoT network.
This article explains how you can resolve an issue related to MAC addresses people sometimes experience with newer Android devices. This article was made using a Pixel, but applies to other Android devices as well.
The wireless MAC address can be found in the internet settings menu on your Nintendo Switch
Your wireless MAC address is required to register a device for the PCT-Registered wireless network.
The wireless MAC address, or hardware ID, is required to register your device for the PCT-Registered network. This information can typically be found in the device's network settings menu or on a label on the device itself. Occasionally, you may need to connect to a network for the wireless MAC address to be viewable.
Windows 10 devices can connect to the Wildcats wireless network by entering your network user name and password after selecting the network from the list of available networks.
Game consoles, smart TVs, personal digital assistants, and other similar devices must be registered to connect to the PCT-Registered Network.