Connecting an Apple iOS Device to the PCT Wireless Network


Apple iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Mac's can connect to the PCT wireless network by following the first five steps below. If you are registering a new device for the first time you will need to take a few additional steps.


Step 1

Go to your Wi-Fi settings screen

IOS settings screen

Step 2

Tap the blue information icon next to the PCT network

iOS wifi settings page marking the information icon for pct

Step 3

Disable Private Address in the settings menu for the PCT network. The switch should be grey as shown in the image below.

image of the iOS settings for the PCT network with the private address button highlighted on

Step 4

Tap Join This Network and login with your Penn College username and password

image on the iOS settings screen for the PCT network with the join this network button highlighted


Step 5

At the certificate prompt, tap Trust.

Image of certificate with Trust highlighted


Step 6

If you are using a new device you will need to Click Here to Register Your Devices.

image outlinging the button to click to register current devices through the registration portal

Step 7


Enter your network username and password. (Do not include

image showing the login screen to the registration page


Step 8

Select the button to Register Current Device.

image outlinging the register current device button on the registration screen


Step 9

Log out.

picture outlining the logout button on the registration screen


Step 10

Turn off and on Wifi.  You should be connected, if you have any issue please open a help desk ticket.



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