Connecting an Android Device to PCT Wireless Network


For Penn College Students, Staff or Contractor.

Android devices can connect to the PCT wireless network by following the first seven steps below. If you are registering a new device for the first time you will need to take a few additional steps. Be aware, different Android devices might have slightly different steps or look slightly different than the images shown. 

*Some devices may use a feature to randomize your MAC address, this randomization prevents your device from being registered to your userid and needs to be changed.  


Step 1

Go to your device Settings.

Image of opening Settings from home screen.

Step 2

Tap Network & Internet or Connections.

Image of opening Network & Internet properties


Step 3

Tap Wi-Fi connections or Internet menu.

Image of open the Internet properties


Step 4

Tap the PCT network.

Wifi network to connect to PCT network


Step 5

Select the settings as shown in the image below. EAP method is PEAP, Phase 2 authentication is MSCHAPV2. Set the CA certificate to Use System Certificates


Specifying the EAP Method, Phase 2 authentication, and CA Certificate.

Step 6

Set the online certificate status to Don't validate, Do not verify, or Request certificate status, and Domain to (Pixels need the Request certificate status.) Scroll down, then enter your username in the Identity box, and your password in the Password box. Anonymous identity can be left blank. Tap Show advanced options.

Specify the Certificate, Domain, Username, Anonymous identity, and Password

Step 7

If you have a newer Android device (Version 10 and above), the advanced options menu may display a Privacy option. Tap Privacy. 

Location of where to expand Advanced Options


Step 8

Choose Device MAC Address (if it has not been selected already). Press Connect and wait for your device to connect to the PCT network.

Specify Use device MAC and Connect button

Step 9

Skip to STEP 11 if Register webpage automaticly pops up. If your device does not automaticly load that page, you will need to open a browser or your Wifi connection might say "Sign In to the network" click that. **Need link to go to Step 11

Opening web browser from home screen.


Step 10

In the Browser, type in the address bar:
Address bar to type the webpage in the browser


Step 11

You should see this webpage, Click Here to Register Your Devices.

Image of Click Here to Register Your Devices - Device Registration Webpage


Step 12

Log in with your PCT Credentials. Then click Continue

Login webpage for device registration

Step 13

Select the button to Register Current Device.

Register Devices webpage to register your device

Step 14

After you see your device listed, click Log out button.

Image of log out button


Step 15 

Skip to STEP 16 if you used the web browser app to sign in. **Need link to go to Step 16

If not, Tap on the 3 dots on the top right of the webpage.

Location of the 3 dot menu button

Then select "User this network as is".

3 Dot menu prompt to close and connect or close and disconnect.


Step 16

Turn Off Wifi and then turn back On.  You should be now connected properly.

Wifi On/Off Switch

If you have any issues and are not able to connect please open a Service Desk ticket.



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