Why do I receive an 'Allow this website to configure server settings' message?



On launching outlook a popup is displayed asking for permission to configure your mailbox or a delegated mailbox connected to from your mail profile.


When Outlook is installed and your profile is created, the Autodiscover service is used to automatically configure your client settings for our environment. Outlook periodically attempts to retrieve these settings again in order to ensure that your client remains correctly configured if the server settings have changed in any way. For example Microsoft may move traffic for your mailbox to a secondary data center as either planned maintenance or an automatic Fail over scenario.

Microsoft Outlook autodiscover.pct.edu popup

If you see a prompt similar to the above image, it is safe to check "Don't ask me about this website again" and then click "Allow".  It is also safe to click "Allow" if the highlighted URL shown is any of the following:


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