Anthology Student for Students

With the launch of Anthology Student on May 20, 2024 students will access their information via the new Student Portal.

If you'd like to learn more about Anthology Student in general, please check out Anthology Academy. Anthology Academy is Anthology's on-demand learning system where you can learn more about all of the Anthology products, including Student. 

Please note: The images below are screenshots from Penn College's test environment using test data. More information will be provided here and through additional Knowledge Base articles available via the link and search bar above.

Anthology Student Portal Landing PageUploaded Image (Thumbnail)This is the Landing Page. Each tile has a summary, most with links to more information elsewhere in the Student Portal. 

The links below will take you to a screenshot and details about that menu option.

Campus Info Academics My Profile My Finances My Financial Aid My Documents External Links Housing
Course Schedule Registration My Calendar Student Accounts Center Financial Aid Overview Document Center External Links Residence Life
Faculty Directory Unofficial Transcript My Message Center          
Course Catalog Degree Audit My Information          
  My Class Schedule My FERPA          
  GPA Calculator Campus ESP          
  Degree Pathways            
  My Grades            
  Transcript Request            
  • Campus Info

Course Schedule

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Course Schedule is the equivalent to the EIS/SIS search course offerings.

Faculty Directory

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Faculty Directory searchable by last initial.

Course Catalog

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Course Catalog links to the catalog published on the website.

  • Academics


Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

This is the online scheduling tool.  More information to come on this section.

Unofficial Transcript

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Provides Unofficial Transcript PDF.

Degree Audit

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Degree Audit is similar to the Graduation Audit/Student Profile. Courses are broken down by Major and Support courses. Program options allows students to view hypotheticals for students considering a major change.

My Class Schedule

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Displays student schedule – has ability to import to calendar app and print from this screen.

GPA Calculator

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

GPA predictor

Degree Pathways

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Degree Pathways gives a breakdown of credits required by term. Students and advisors will have the ability to create/adjust the pathway if developmental classes are required or student wants to attend part time.

My Grades

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

My Grades is a semester based grade report.

Transcript Request

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Request an official transcript through the Parchment service.


Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Link to the P.L.A.T.O. learning management system.

  • My Profile

My Calendar

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

My Calendar is an interactive calendar for students.  Note the icons at the bottom that display default information.

My Message Center

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

My Message Center displays hold groups and important alerts.

My Information

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

My Information displays demographic information and allows students to update their information.

Campus ESP

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Campus ESP will be used for all things FERPA related.  More information to come.

  • My Finances

Student Accounts Center

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Student Accounts Center links to TouchNet for bill payment options.

  • My Financial Aid

Financial Aid Overview

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Financial Aid Overview displays a summary of financial aid and links to important financial information for students.

  • My Documents

Document Center

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Document Center will be used in future semester for students who need to submit documentation to the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid or the Bursar.

  • External Links

External Links
Links to meal plan options and legacy SIS for placement testing information.

  • Housing

Residence Life

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Residence Life provides a link to Residence Life Housing Information.




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