Checking on your library account

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How to Access your library account

  1. Your library account can be accessed via

Viewing checked out items

  1. Check out items can be viewed and renewed on the “Checkouts Tab” in your library account.

My item won’t renew?

  1. IF you have reached an items renewal limit you will not be able to renew the item.  Please call or bring your item to the Madigan Library to discuss renewing the item for you.

Viewing bills

  1. Outstanding bills on your account can be viewed on the “Fees” tab.

Viewing Interlibrary Loan Request

  1. You can find your interlibrary loan requests on the “Requests” tab.

Viewing Saved Searches

  1. If you’ve saved searches in the library’s Discovery Catalog you’ll be able to find them in your "Saved Searches" section of your library account.
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