Room Availability for Students

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Can I reserve a room?

The Madigan Library has 14 group study rooms which are available to students on a first-come, first-served basis.


What's available in the Madigan Library Study Rooms?

Rooms have network access as well as a variety of multimedia equipment available for students to practice presentations, study and work on projects together, or view videos for classes. Computers with portable data projectors, TV/VCR/DVD combo units, and dry erase boards are available in some of the rooms. Main Circulation has VGA cables, ethernet cables, portable DVD players, portable projectors, laptops, TV remote controls and dry erase markers. Rooms range in seating capacity from 4 to 12. All that is required to use any of these rooms is a valid student ID.


How long can I use a room?

Study Rooms are available for 3-hour time periods and students can obtain a key to any available group study room by inquiring at the Main Circulation Desk.


Checking on Study Room Availability

Current (live) availability of the libraries study rooms can be found at

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